Aaallll​.​.​.​. Bbbooorrrlllaaannnddddd​.​.​.

by Breath of an Epoch

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When transferring our EP to a cassette tape, we found that our recordings were slowed down and very quiet. We found it amazing to our ears and an exciting listen on its own. Although not quiet, we slowed down all of our songs to mimic the recordings from the tape. Give it a try. The idea of it sounds tedious, but this is really great.

-The pretentious Breath of an Epoch

(I thought about making the lyrics slow mo.. as in writing like a drunk. but I didn't because that would've been both a pain for me and the reader. Sorry. haha)


released December 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Breath of an Epoch Rockford, Illinois

Emo band from Rockford, Illinois.

Jesse B - Guitar/VOX
Tyler N - Bass/Vox/Trombone
Dan J - Drums

Past Members:
Brandon S - Drums (2011-2012)
AJ S - Guitar/VOX (2011)
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Track Name: Nnnoooo Bbbaasssss...
We fell for the promises they screamed in our ears we’ve given in to false hopes

as if my hands don’t hold our sorrows along with your tears

They call us free

but my dear we are in shambles, we are jumping off of cliffs for this chaos we can’t handle.

And to our weary bones now thoughtlessly casted: raise your glasses, they are filled to the brim with an antidote, for this sickness has tainted every movement towards a glimpse of a distant hope.

It is overbearing, it is filling my lungs like a great dark cloud hiding the warmth of the sun, so today we drink to a life worth living, not this endless stumbled run.

Towards What????????

For we are holograms of meaning, the mere shadows of free-will, for I know there’s a place just teeming with a medicine that fills.

Bury betrayal of your existence, guilt exists beyond the face of future anyways,

leave everything you know, for we are nothing more than slaves.

Become self-aware, for all is not yet spent, lend your heart to the past but be sure to take it back again be sure to bring me back again, for I render myself willing to record the end.

Of us And all I will ever know, at least I tell myself so.

We are the chorus of worthless stands
We are the jaws bringing you might
As our hearts have all turned and ran
Courage has stayed to lose the fight

It has begun to weigh on me that you so easily gave up in the heat of the moment, I’ve not chosen to be ruled by this queen, but to bloom where I am planted, regardless if the gardens frozen.

But you have chosen your fear over me, don’t be deceived by their love built upon lust, we were one, we were one you and I. so help us find a replenishment, you were strayed by your greed. Now I think forgetting is my only defense

Let us live in our dreams
Let us live in our dreams
Let me live in my dreams
Let me live in this dream
Track Name: Bbbriidgeeee 111111.........
(Devil Dex)
Track Name: Ttoonn Ggguuueee.....
Under the floor
I hide from my ghost
You cling tight but you're still not close
They drop hail from above

So I falter and I sway
Still betting on this race

My tongue doesn't tell you even half of what I feel inside
So when you run from me do I deserve a goodbye?
I sit with my back against the wall and you ask, "Do you feel tall
Holding your breath in and yelling at the passing wind?"

Will i ever get out
from under this passing storm?
Just when I think the sun won't rise again
I feel its warmth
Track Name: Cccchaapppttterrr 1111........
I am followed by the face of my youth,
when i drank life anew
your words hadn't stung.

Now i preach of the dullness of earth
these seeds plant no mirth
we are ladders without rungs.

As I've grown
I have ran
we will laugh, and knot our hands
then die with the land

Sleep with the thought that this love won't fade like the others have.
Cause you have left me, but not in tact. So i search for a place to rest

With half a glance at the face I've left behind
I'm now one with guts enough
to cut my heart from the rest of my being
and pin your image to hate i'm leaving
Seems the others all travel in pairs,
so i trudge along
but i'm sure not to sink into my awareness
my faith is gone.

I wasn't one held close in your thoughts
i was the line dangled near, split by your teeth
A summer state
i bent wear you broke
i tied the knot
piled your rocks on my chest
till i couldn't breathe
Growing jade, strung out by a gale
the wind you bore, that same cold
hardens me

So get us out. or is there just one chapter, one blank page?
So get us out. or does this all fall upon deaf ears?